Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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The Lakers' Austin Reaves is another comp: an example of someone who's been successful with that frame and game, a midmajor start, and an undrafted profile.
Fair comp like the Max Strus one…..and Duncan Robinson is another. But Reaves went the opposite direction transfer wise that Podz went ending his career at Oklahoma
How long before people start freaking out that RayJ is gonna go to UM now that Love has decommitted.
Hot take, Podz is a really good player and obviously in hindsight would have helped this year but anyone who said they could have predicted this is lying.
My hubris has me believing that had I watched him play basketball for 400 hours rather than 1 hour, I would maybe have seen something that led me to think "this guy can help us next year." Then again, I remember thinking Netflix was a stupid idea at first.
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Podzilla needs his own thread...I am a fan of his growth...
What is the argument against us?

He didn't get better here? I'd say it's pretty obvious he did.

There is going to be competition for playing time at Illinois? Anyone who doesn't want that challenge should go play elsewhere.
You’re joking, right? The recruiting pitch is that we buried him on the bench and he went to Santa Clara and immediately became an NBA draft pick (assuming he gets drafted).
I’m starting to feel like it’s an all three coming back kinda deal or none which is kinda terrifying.
I refuse to believe admissions is the biggest hurdle for that school. Where are all the five star football recruits getting rejected? Just a lame excuse.

I feel like this was covered during TSJ’s recruitment but here it goes again. Michigan’s admissions doesn’t look too fondly on transfers who can obtain a degree with just one year’s work. As usual their hubris is unmatched.
Who is #3 coming back on your list?
I meant TJ, Coleman, and RayJ all coming to play here. I guess I could see TJ returning regardless but I feel like there’s no way Coleman is coming back unless we get RayJ
The same people saying Podz was so great said the same thing about Curbelo.
I don't see any similarity here.

I started watching Curbelo's (complete) games as soon as he committed, and could not have been more excited about his style of play, and potential. He played great in my opinion as a Freshman (for a Freshman). Then, the breakdown, what ever that was. Definitely physical, pressure, mental??? I think all of the above. It was definitely about as ugly as I have seen from an Illini basketball player.

I also loved Podz, and was excited about him committing, and his game as well, but I never saw him playing and thought that he was ready for an expanded role. I am very happy for him, and wish that it could have been at Illinois that he experienced this breakout, but I don't see any fault in the coaching staff in this situation.

I wish the best for both of these players, but things just didn't work out at Illinois.
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