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Welcome to the Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread :illinois:

2024 Illini Recruiting
Morez Johnson (2024 PF) committed on November 4th, 2021.
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Paducah, Ky

Caleb Love


BU knows best...........


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Caleb Love to IU seems like more trouble than Mich. Hoping he ends up somewhere else.


I don't think Love ends up at Mizzou. Texas? Their coach has to be desperate at this point
2 scenarios I wouldn’t mind seeing at the PG/SG/F



Kid from Utah Valley

That’s a win-win.
Podz playing defense for Brad
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Well known issue coming in and a part of his game he still has quite a ways to improve on. But that's typically a given for freshmen. It's not like Jayden or Skyy didn't struggle on that end, and while Ty and Sencire were phenomenal for freshmen they also still have a decent amount to improve. Just the nature of things with how big of a jump it is from high school to college. And similarly, DGL will also be likely matadoring it up next year as the OTE ball he's playing is somehow even less defense oriented than the low A Podz played.

Overall, defensive ability usually takes time to nurture the awareness necessary to adapt to the college level. And if we were to judge our 1st year players on how they play defense alone, a lot of the players we've grown to love and buy jerseys of never would have made it past freshman year for us. Podz simply needed to do more both on and off the court with the time he had to make him a higher priority for the staff and make him a lock for the following season. Had he not struggled with his shot freshman year and was the lockdown shooter he's pretty much always been, I think that would have changed the equation a bit. That said, it is what it is. Let's just be happy for him and move on.
I say we pull RayJ's offer for taking too long. We need to set the precedent, you commit immediately or begone with you. There will be none of this, I really want to see beautiful Waco, Texas, I need to milk every penny out of the good mormons of Utah, maybe they will make me a member so I can go to a bar. I will not sit around a messageboard watching people go nuts, commit or....

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