Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Don't like the sound of this. A kid decides to transfer, picks Illinois, and then gets shown the door before even suiting up. Not a good look for a program.
You think Arizona is worried about hurting Boswell feelings when they took Love? Or how it made their program look? Harmon hadn’t played a minute if you get an automatic upgrade at his position you take it
Reading a lot of the UofA fans responses, still sounds like they expect Boswell to start. Even if he is the 6th man, that’s a whole lot better than sitting out the entire season.
is it? Boswell was a top 25 recruit. As a top 25 recruit I'd expect to play early and often. He averaged 15 mpg last year. We gave Skyy 24 mpg and Epps almost 25 mpg. Had Boswell come here, he probably would've got 27 mpg + or -.

At Arizona he sat behind Kriisa, maybe he understood it, but when Kriisa transferred, he had to be thinking ok, the job is mine now. Then they go hard after Nembhard, miss, a sigh of relief. Then the bring in Bradley and now Love. They've already got a top 30 SG coming in next year, and are in the top 2 for a top 10 PG as well. So if I'm Boswell I'm trying to weigh how do the coaches view me, why did they bring in these other guys, do I trust that I can win the spot, or do I say screw this, I'm outta here.

One thing is for sure, we're going to lose 70%+ of our minutes, scoring, rebounding, assists, etc after this season. So not only are there going to be minutes available in 2024, there is going to be a star position available. As excited as we are about Hansberry and Morez, we know college basketball is a guards game. Those bigs can't accomplish much without a guard getting them the ball.

So if Boswell has a long game perspective, yes playing next year, even if you have to share at Arizona is obviously better. But if he is not happy and leaves in January, is that better? Wouldn't it have been better to leave now, retain eligibility, spend a whole year learning your new system, and then hitting the ground running next year.

Maybe this is all moot because Boswell starts. To me, Boswell's stats are more impressive than Bradley's. But if he isn't lined up to start, it would be hard not to feel betrayed.
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You think Arizona is worried about hurting Boswell feelings when they took Love? Or how it made their program look? Harmon hadn’t played a minute if you get an automatic upgrade at his position you take it
But If the perceived automatic upgrade doesn't pan out there is a down side. Nothing is guaranteed as we found out last year.
why not transfer now? If he's thinking leave mid-season or just stick it out and leave at the end of the year, he still isn't playing until next season. Leaving now at least he can learn his new system this year and be ready to go next, plus doesn't lose any eligibility.
Because he knows Love is streaky and unreliable.
Why do you come here and bog down the conversation with facts and statistics? This is the internet, sir. Only supposition and hyperbole are allowed. ;)

What about the following? :) :)

Red herring​

A red herring is an attempt to shift focus from the debate at hand by introducing an irrelevant point.

Straw man​

A straw man argument is one that argues against a hyperbolic, inaccurate version of the opposition rather than their actual argument.

Slippery slope
With a slippery slope fallacy, the arguer claims a specific series of events will follow one starting point, typically with no supporting evidence for this chain of events.


Hasty Generalization

A hasty generlization is a statement made after considering just one or a few examples rather than relying on more extensive research to back up the claim
It is unbelievable how many posters know how good all the players are going to be and we don't even know if the most important three players are even going to be here.
Brad could pull a Bruce and go into the fall oversigned by one. Maybe Sencire could switch to football?


historical reference to the Mike Davis / CJ Jackson situation.

PS, I do not at all like the idea of pulling the offer from a committed transfer to pursue someone better.
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