Marquette 71, Illinois 64 Postgame

Overall encouraging.

I think the offense ran smoother with Dainja. He cleared drives to the rim vs. repeated quickly aborted dribble drives that had to be passed back out. I would like to see Dainja with a 1 (power) dribble maximum rule. He lost it once trying to dribble 15ft from the basket, and almost lost it again on a dribble out at the 3pt line. I'd give a 25% chance of turnover for every dribble he takes past the first.
Speaking of clearing drives to the rim, in his 6 minutes of PT there were 2 times that Hansberry sealed off his man to allow free lanes to the hoop resulting in a layup for TSJ and free throws for Luke.
I think this is the solution. I know they'd like to take advantage of Marcus' 3 point shooting, but he has a very good mid-range game that we've only seen in flashes. Marcus and TJ are the most complete offensive players we have. They true triple threats at all three levels. (Especially if Shannon's relative success behind the arc continues) I think they are learning to trust Marcus more, and the more they give him the better we will be. What he lacks in athleticism, he makes up in basketball IQ and skill. Marcus needs to assert himself a bit more as well, which I think will come.
TJ needs to get off the bus driving to the rim. He's a real problem once he gets going, but the offense can't just be him in isolation. We have to find ways to get him the ball on the move, so everyone stays connected.

And you don’t necessarily need elite athleticism to get to the paint and score as Kolek showed us. Get Marcus going downhill off a ball screen and into his little fall away and I don’t know there’s a guard in the country that can stop it. And if there is, that means he isn’t guarding Terrance.
people keep talking about Rodgers looking better as a PG, I say at what? but to me even that is the secondary question. By virtue of Rodgers playing PG at all, we are losing what he's best at. When we first saw Ty Rodgers, we saw a swiss army knife. We say a 3/4 that was going to be able to get a lot of assists from that position. Someone that could be a beast on the boards with his quickness. Maybe not much of a shooter, but hopefully that comes, while he makes his hay as a garbage man cleaning up the boards.

But now when you pull him out to the perimeter, we lose all of that. You take him from a mismatch type player, to a guy struggling to be adequate at his position. So already his rebounding numbers are down, I'd imagine that will continue. So yes, I was calling out over the summer, there is a pretty notable difference in our offense with and without Stephen Gentry on staff, so I see your point.

Do we have any players who are not perimeter players?????

I have noticed Dainja getting farher from the basket, will hesoon be popping 3's from the perimeter? :)

We need "the Rev" back in the paint. :)

Brad Underwood said his biggest frustration is lack of second-chance points (5). "I'm literally going to play anyone who offensive rebounds. ...We're just not very consistent with it."

Gee coach, maybe don't play Coleman at point 30 feet away from THE FREAKING BASKET FOR MOST OF THE NIGHT?!?!?!?!?

I'd put a "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills" GIF in but I'm too depressed. Coleman's performance was... disappointing. Some people go out and take their opponent to the wood shed. Some folks gets taken out to the shed. Coleman is still out wandering behind the shed wondering what happened. *sigh* And it's not all his fault. Coach put him in a position to fail imho. I hope he bounces back and gets a little angry tbh.
Do you think Brad Underwood tells Coleman Hawkins, "I want you to wander out about 25 feet from the basket, as that is the best spot for you in our offense."?
Re-watched the game last night without the emotions that inevitably alter your perception when watching your team live…. And I feel really good about our team. We took on a very very good Marquette team. I don’t know that we face a team of that caliber again outside the final four. Their chemistry on both ends of the floor is scary. Honestly too much is being made about the “stalled” offense in the last part of the game. Marquette just clamped down on D. I’m impressed we hung with them as long as we did. They’re going to embarrass some people this year.


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With a PG like Kolek, this offense would run different sets, more pick and rolls, more drive and dish. It would be so different than what we see now.

I love Ty, but he’s out of of position right now. He’s more of a hybrid guy, Jack of all trades. Not a PG only.
Seems like Ty and CH are both out of position since they have to compensate for the lack of a true PG
Do you think Brad Underwood tells Coleman Hawkins, "I want you to wander out about 25 feet from the basket, as that is the best spot for you in our offense."?
I actually do, yes. Why else does the play start with Coleman at point? Pass, cut, someone takes a 3 point shot and coleman is 40 feet from the basket and then coach wonders aloud why we don't have any rebounds. I mean... I saw it but I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.