Mississippi State 19, Illinois 10 Postgame

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Does anyone have a good picture of the Illinois end zone?
Not a great shot, especially with the angle and the shadow, but all I could find. From the N-G.

That’s the MSU end with the pirate ship
Didn't think I needed a pointing arrow on a field with only two end zones, but yes I am aware that Illinois is on the right. With a bad angle, and with a shadow. Like I said, it's the only pic I found. @TheChief4Life provided a much better one anyway.

I thought the original request might relate to the lettering / font used, as this was discussed in an earlier post. If instead the end zone crowd was what was needed, my bad and agree the pic I gave did nothing for that.
Since we're asking questions, can anyone clarify what the 'I' was in the MIKE logo? Is it a topsail and mast? An upside-down peg leg? A poison inkwell? I know ML was the Pirate but that I confuses me... o_O:LOL:

Since we're asking questions, can anyone clarify what the 'I' was in the MIKE logo? Is it a topsail and mast? An upside-down peg leg? A poison inkwell? I know ML was the Pirate but that I confuses me... o_O:LOL:

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Gotta be a peg leg, like you suggest. OR
The only other guess I could offer up: a cannon?


This is a great summary, thanks. I've been trying to figure out how to express similar thoughts, without coming across as completely negative, and you did a fine job of that. I agree that it's reasonable to think our odds of winning the game were far better with our three stars on the field. Both because all three are great players, but also because they played the majority of available minutes all season long. As a fan, it just stinks. Having your stars sit out the most visible game of the season is not good for the sport or the team. But as you and others have said, it's totally understandable from the players' standpoint. So the fault is with the "system," and it's up to each fan to decide how they react to it.

In my case, I certainly won't be traveling to any bowl games when our star players sit out the game. And I might skip watching the games from home as well. I'm competitive by nature, as are many/most sports fans, and I don't enjoy losing. Losing when we could have won with our season-long starters in the game is just not fun at all.

So, great season. Awesome play by the young secondary in the bowl game; those guys are going to be very good.

I'm competitive about games too but this is why I went to the bowl game


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Or them, since it was 6 MSU to 1 of us to start it

Edit: After re-watching the beginning, agree, unnecessary hit by our player. Have seen many of those unnecessary penalties this year, but fewer than previous years
Yup...that unnecessary hit was the spark......Kinda reminded me of the Lovey "discipline" days. We got the flag.....
BS.. the flag came in after 4 punches were thrown by the MS players.

Correct. We got flagged for the hit but those clowns should have been flagged for the punches.

You cannot encourage vigilante justice. Miss State should have been flagged, too.

Typical behavior from Miss State.
The false start was a killer. Going into the locker room with 17 points at halftime? Would have been sweet. I don’t want to know who that was. That really cost us the ballgame.
You can't assume IW would have been that wide open without a whistle


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Nobody knew the whistle was blown at first because it was so late so the players were 100% playing it out for real.
Absolutely correct. I was in the Illinois endzone 7 rows up and the play came right at us. Nobody on the Mississippi State defense was quitting on the play due to a whistle. It appeared as though they had blown the coverage and were definitely trying to recover.


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Yes because they were honoring the opposing coach who DIED right before the game happened 🤦‍♂️
I’m sorry. I think my sarcasm was misunderstood. I TOTALLY agree with and understand honoring Mike Leach’s death with the name Mike and pirate on the Illini helmet. I don’t think the Illini needed to honor him with the dang cowbell…
That's all they did... blah blah blah... I'm over ESPN games...🤷‍♂️
I accidentally recorded the wrong telecast of the Michigan TCU game. It was 4 fools yelling at each other and adding nothing, yet they had cameras on them the entire time. Pain.
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