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Just when I though the end-of-season Bears press conference couldn't be worse than last year, I was proven wrong once again. I knew George was incompetent at running a football franchise before; what I didn't realize is that he is a major deuchebag. I'm so tired of him always saying "I'm just a fan, I don't know anything about football." Good Lord get someone in there who does. And somehow Ted won't be part of football operations, but will be part of hiring the GM and head coach? WTF? But the GM will report to George and not Ted. Whatever. Virginia probably made him go clean his room or something afterwards.
There’s been several studies done that show Black NFL head coaches get held to a higher standard and don’t get second chances at the same rate as White head coaches.

Mike Tomlin - The all time winningest Black head coach works for the owner the Rooney rule is named after.

Tony Dungy - The 2nd all time winningest Black head coach was fired after three consecutive winning seasons for the organization that to this day still has the worst winning percentage in NFL history. He did get another chance, never had another losing record, went to 2 Super Bowls, won 1, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame after retirement.

Marvin Lewis - The third winningest Black head coach might be the exception that proves the rule. 16 years without a playoff win, all with the same franchise.

Dennis Green - The fourth winningest Black head coach coached 9 seasons without a losing record and was fired after his first losing record. He was then out of coaching for 2 years before being brought back by a moribund franchise and only given three years to right the ship before being fired. He never got another coaching gig.

Lovie Smith - The fifth winningest Black coach took his team to their only Super Bowl appearance in the last 35+ years and was fired after a 10-6 record. He was later hired by the aforementioned losingest franchise in NFL history and was only given two years to turn the franchise around. He’s now an NFL DC.

Jim Caldwell - The 6th winningest Black coach had two winning seasons and then got fired for having a losing season when his star QB got hurt. He was out of coaching for a couple years then got hired by a joke of a franchise, had winning records in three of his four seasons there, including his last two, but was fired. That franchise has not won more than 6 games in a season since.

Art Shell - The 7th winningest Black coach had winning seasons in 5 of 6 seasons, including his last two, and was never worse than 7-9. He waited 12 seasons to get another HC gig and was only given one season to win for a franchise that had 5 or fewer wins in the 3 seasons before he got there and would do the same in the 3 seasons after he was fired.
The fact that Caldwell:

A) Got fired
B) Never got another HC job

Always irked me. He took the Colts to the Super Bowl, had the Lions play well enough to actually get to the playoffs... How that isn't worth another shot (or keeping your job in the first place) is mind boggling.
With Flores being fired by Miami (mainly because he wanted to bring in Deshaun and the GM didn't), don't be surprised if he gets a decent look by the Bears.

I am still on board with Flores.

But I would like the Bears to hire a GM before a coach. Hiring a coach who was just fired for not getting along with his GM before you yourselves know if your GM will get along with him seems crazy to me.


So what are the plays for today's games? I took Cincy and Buffalo in a parlay and I also parlayed the over on Tee Higgins' rec yrd prop(66.5) and Stepheson's rushing yrd prop (40.5).

I hate it, but I like all the favorites this weekend.
I'm amazed that Miles Smith was....the Linebackers coach for the Texans.
Way things are trending right now it looks like Pats will have worst playoff loss under Belichick. Worst playoff defeat Belichick has had as the New England coach was in the 2009 Wild Card round when the Ravens won 33-14 at Foxboro. Worst road playoff defeat was in 2005 Divisional round at the Broncos when they lost 27-13. That Broncos loss was Brady's first ever playoff loss and ended a league-record 10 game postseason winning streak the Pats had.
So with Bucs winning, who faces who in NFC divisional round will basically be settled in Niners/Cowboys. If Niners win, it's Niners-Packers and Cardinals/Rams winner-Bucs. If Cowboys win, it's Cardinals/Rams winner-Packers and Cowboys-Bucs.
Funny thing is, this was a 4 vs. 5 match-up.
Right. The two biggest blowouts of the weekend - Bills/Pats, Rams/Cards - would have been games that were played by the same teams in the previous format.

KC’s shellacking of the Steelers and TB’s over-in-the-first-half-nowhere-near-as-close-as-the-score-makes-it-look win over the Iggles were our bonus football.
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Cardinals ending on 1-5 streak, getting blown out in the playoffs after ending on a 2-5 slump last year missing the playoffs entirely. That’s the type of trend that’s going to get people cut and fired.