Pregame: Illinois at Duke, Tuesday, December 8th, 8:30pm CT, ESPN

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Is 25 the amount of games you must have played?
Is 25 the amount of games you must have played?
The reason I asked is that it is going to be hard to get there, we at Illinois have the cutting edge at testing, do other schools? Plus it takes basically putting your team under quarantine, hard during the holidays. Could make for some creative scheduling.
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Is 25 the amount of games you must have played?

Normally, 25 games is the minimum # of regular season games to be eligible for the NCAA Tournament and teams can schedule a maximum of 30 regular season games.

For the 20-21 season, team's must play in a minimum 13 regular season games to be eligible for the NCAA Tournament and teams can schedule a maximum of either 27 games (with a MTE) or 25 games (if not participating in a MTE).
Yeah, well, one is an elite academic institution.

And the other is Missouri.

Feel me?
This clip caught my attention...

"Using Mark Williams to set a screen or Matthew Hurt to draw Cockburn out from the post will open the lane and allow Johnson to pick on Dosunmu and Williams. Duke will also be able to exploit Illinois if they can get Hurt isolated in the post as he has the smarts to step back against Cockburn or to use his size advantage against the guards

Not letting johnson or Hurt get their way will be key on D. Keeping Kofi out of foul trouble is also key for us.
People need to pump the breaks on the Kofi NBA talk. He has a looooooooong way to go, especially for the 1st round.
I am not sure he will be drafted. He is just so raw. He is extremely valuable to us for rebounding, defense at the rim, and draws a lot if fouls on our opponents. I just hope he can take care if the ball and possibly just slow down a bit when he gets the ball with his back to the basket. IMO I have more confidence with GB with his back to the goal to score, make the right pass or not turn it over than I do in Kofi. On lobs and facing the goal Kofi is great dunking and getting fouled. I hope Kofu continues to get better, plays to his strengths, and makes others better when doubled. Kofi is a very good college player and causes opponents issues and I hope he does again tonight for the dookies!
Well, personally, I would love to see Kofi as a 5-year college basketball player!
I wouldn't. Let the guy get paid somewhere. I hope he doesn't come close to being a 5 year player.

His success here will bode well for recruits. He can be an ambassador for the UI.
Do any of you live in the Raleigh area? I heard there was a group of Illini fans in this area, if you're one of them please pm me. I live in Raleigh area.
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Man after my Steelers losing yesterday, if we can pull this one off it would really help salvage this week.
Some people seemed to enjoy the trip down memory lane when I posted our previous top 5 matchups in the Baylor pregame thread, and since this is still a top 10 matchup that we should be psyched for ... here are our recent all-top 10 matchups we have got to enjoy (not counting last week's Baylor game)!

#6 Illinois 60, #7 Michigan State 50 in Champaign, IL
#5 Illinois 91, #1 Wake Forest 73 in Champaign, IL (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)
#9 Illinois 72, #8 Missouri 61 in St. Louis, MO (Braggin' Rights Game)
#7 Arizona 87, #5 Illinois 82 in Phoenix, AZ
#5 Maryland 76, #2 Illinois 63 in College Park, MD (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)
#7 Illinois 77, #4 Michigan State 66 in Champaign, IL (First Paint the Hall Orange game!)
#5 Illinois 81, #7 Arizona 73 in Chicago, IL
#9 Illinois 87, #7 Seton Hall 79 in Champaign, IL
#1 Duke 78, #9 Illinois 77 in Greensboro, NC (Big Ten/ACC Challenge)
#1 Arizona 79, #8 Illinois 76 in Lahaina, HI (Maui Invitational)
#3 Michigan 74, #8 Illinois 70 in Champaign, IL
#5 Illinois 101, #4 Missouri 93 in St. Louis, MO (Braggin' Rights Game)
#4 Illinois 89, #8 Michigan 73 in Ann Arbor, MI
#8 Illinois 70, #3 Indiana 68 in Bloomington, IN (Nick Anderson's shot!)
#9 Iowa 86, #2 Illinois 82 in Iowa City, IA
#2 Illinois 96, #6 Michigan 84 in Champaign, IL
#6 Illinois 87, #10 Missouri 84 in St. Louis, MO (Braggin' Rights Game)
#5 Purdue 87, #9 Illinois 86 in West Lafayette, IN (OT)
#2 Iowa 91, #8 Illinois 88 in Champaign, IL (OT)
#4 North Carolina 90, #5 Illinois 77 in Chapel Hill, NC
#8 Michigan 57, #9 Illinois 45 in Ann Arbor, MI
#7 Illinois 73, #10 Oklahoma 70 in Champaign, IL
#2 Illinois 81, #5 Oklahoma 64 in Springfield, MA (Hall of Fame Tipoff Classic)

A lot more of these over the years, but they are still rare! In the last 20 years, we have still only played in 11 top ten matchups (counting the Baylor game), and almost half of them came during the 2000-01 season. Also, we haven't had a stellar record against Duke over the years, BUT it looks like we're 1-0 at Cameron Indoor Stadium, with a 75-65 win over #12 Duke in 1995-96. :)

I am extra nervous for this one. Win this game, and we are RIGHT back on track and possibly back in the top 5 next week. Lose, and we are still likely going to be fine ... but we're sitting at 3-2 with likely no impressive non-conference wins and a grind of a Big Ten schedule ahead. This win could be absolutely huge, come Tourament time.
I am usually a very optimistic person but being a Chicago sports fan(minus the Cubs) and an avid Illini fan, I am programmed to think the worst will happen. I hope that I am wrong but I dont see us winning tonight. I will definately watch and cheer on our beloved Illini hopefully to a win.
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