Pregame: Illinois at Kansas, Friday, September 8th, 6:30pm CT, ESPN2

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Must not let their QB run wild like Finn did last week. Secondary needs to play more heads up. Think our offense will play well.


Personally, these night games are a pain because they are squarely happening when I am trying to get my toddlers to bed (usually an hour + endeavor)....

Beautiful thing about a lot of the streaming services is you can record and start the game from the beginning even while its still in progress. Lets you fast forward through commercials to catch up. I used to have to do this all the time with BBall games when I was getting home at 730. Now you can watch in peace and quiet (🤞) after the toddlers are in bed!


Aurora, Illinois (that’s a suburb of Chicago)
You should see more TE involvement tonight though. At least more of the TE being the primary read for Luke. They play a lot of zone coverage, look for Tip to sit in the holes of their quarters coverage as well as some play action looks to suck the LBs up and dump it over them to the TEs/Slot guys.
In positive news, if we went with the all white approach vs. Kansas' all-black, there are statistical studies out there that suggest a natural tendency by refs to bias penalties against the team wearing the all-black jerseys in a black vs white jersey matchup. I'd take all the help we can get in this one.
I ain't buying it unless our math posters weigh in on the validity of those statistical studies.
I don't see a blowout for either side. Coin flip game.

IL - 31
KU - 28


Cincinnati, OH
I'm a bigger Lunney fan than the general fandom, so maybe this is a hot take: I'm usually part of "get the tight end more involved in the passing game", but LA had a great game. Who are we wanting to take away passes from in that Toledo game to feed the TE more? The answer is that offense needed (and deserved) more snaps. It's not a TE issue, it's a defense needs to stop being penalized during end-of-drive scenarios.
Disclaimer involved......................

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Howdy boys & girls.....another one of those Friday Night Lights games tonight......I think our last Friday Night game was the stolen loosier missed Illini TD catch .....I might be wrong , as always , I am heavily medded up these days and my memory might be wanting for accurate info.....anywho , LETS GIT IT ON !!!!!!...........woohoooooooooooo,,,,,,I'm stoked fired up , ready to rumble........

Today's music.......well , it has to be the rockin tunes of KANSAS........duh !.........Carry on my Wayward Illini Bro's........

Today's menu...................................

Gayhawk Gizzards / fried to a crispy crisp by the Illini D
Altmyer Air Raid Avocado Dip / dipping into the end zone for 3 Illini scores
I. Williams Won Ton Soup / delicious passes caught for numerous 1st downs
Tip Reiman Leftover Noodles / tasty and 1 catch last week left us wanting more
Bret's No Penalties Pizza / a delicious change from last week's overindulgence of flags
Newton's Penetrating Sack Lunch / open at your own peril jayhawk players

for dessert....................

Great Scott summer Supreme Pie

today's guest chef...............

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pru , I love cooking with you....I really really do.........................


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Hey guys , i'm just here for pru's tailgating ......OK ??

Illini 31
j-hawks 24

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See you all at the TV screen .................................

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Heavy........................It really really is....................
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i'll have what Pru is having
A poster mentioned Lunney and some of the criticism he has faced for play calls last week and last season. Some of those complaints are absolutely valid.

Can we take a minute, though, to acknowledge how good of a QB coach he is? He has taken two straight transfers who either played minimally or had average past seasons and made them competent QBs to lead a decent to good offense. He fits Bret's style of play so well--get your QB to minimize turnovers and maintain ball control. I hope he stays on for a while, because he has proven to be one of the better coordinators/position coaches in the conference IMO.
Game 1 is about working out the kinks. I fully expect Toledo to go 12-1. We will take care of business tonight, but it may be close. After game 2 last year at Indiana, and the rotten reviewed call that they blew for one of our TDs, the college football gods will be on our side tonight. Chief Illini is still mad about that reversed call at Indiana, and wants to make this right. The game last week was sloppy, and we had some bad penalties to keep Toledo close. I fully expect that to be cleaned up tonight.

Illinois 35
Kansas 31
That was the review on the catch where the receiver caught the pass TWICE. How that wasn’t overturned
i’ll never understand.


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Anyone else feel more confident about the PSU game next week than they do Kansas tonight?

I feel like PSU is a better Minnesota and Kansas is a better Toledo.

I don’t love the match up tonight.
Can we please just blow these guys out by half? I have to go to the Montini/Naz game, which should be a good one, but I'm not going to enjoy myself knowing I'm missing the orange and blue. It also a blackout game at Montini..I will not be in black. I will not be giving any juju to KU.
Would have been a great game 5 years ago. Both are shells of what they used to be. Especially the Broncos.
I believe this will be our first Big XII opponent since we beat Baylor 38-14 in the Texas Bowl in 2010! I guess you only play one non-conference Power Five game per year, but that still seems like a long time! Speaks to how infrequently we have been in bowl games ... :cry:

MAN, would I take a repeat performance of how we played against Baylor tonight!!

(We also played then-Big XII Missouri for the final time in St. Louis that year.)
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