Pregame: Illinois vs Marquette, Tuesday, November 14th, 7:00pm CT, FS1

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Ultimately, I think it comes down to who scores the most points. It's key that we are able to score more points than the Golden Eagles tonight. If we can do that, we will come away victorious.
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I think of him as a Swiss army knife. Useful in a bunch of situations, though not really amazing at anything in particular. I think the matchups kind of dictate his role game to game. HIs defense is usually his best attribute. He can guard just about anyone. He also creates a lot of mismatches on offense, depending on the opposing personnel. He's going to find ways to impact the game, but it will likely look a little different every night.
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Their guards are excellent. Quick and good shooters. However they are going to have trouble with defending our guards. They do have a shot blocker in the middle but if he can be drawn out TSJ can have his way. But we need to be in the face of their guards to stop the freedom to pass or have open three pointers. This game will be decided by the guards imo.
Not sure if I 100% believe this...
Nah, Rusty had that about right, although we can miss more FTs if we shoot the 3s and 2s well. BTW, the easiest way to hit 35% (or better) on 3s (just over what Rusty said) is to go 7-20 (or better), where that relatively low number of attempted 3s is taken mostly by our best shooters (TSJ, Goode, and Domask) on open looks. It gets a lot harder to hit that 34% or better once CH and others shoot a bunch of them, or if we get into harder 3s, like contested or moving 3s. Those will seriously dent our percentage and make this game almost unwinnable.
That Nielsen face at the end kills me...99% of the time he's the one making the outlandish comment and getting the funny looks from others. Here he gets to turn and give the 'WTH are you talking about' face.
Agreed! That's the funniest part about the whole bit, I think.


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Re-watched most of the Wake game from '04 this morning. Boy, that was fun. Top 5 opponent in town, two undefeated teams, early in the year with a home game against Oakland under our belt... Let's do it again tonight, shall we?
I have exhausted myself looking at every defensive, offensive. rebounding algorithm and BU doesn't make adjustments angle. My very thorough analysis says if we hit 45% of 2's 34% of 3's and 70% of FT's, we have an 80% chance of winning.
Well I guess I won't bother watching cause we've already WON!
Just funnin guys.
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