Pregame: Illinois vs Mississippi State, Monday, January 2nd, 11:00am CT, ESPN2

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I live in Naples, but go to Tampa twice a month for work. There is tons around RJ. Parking is easy very close to the stadium. You could stay anywhere near the airport or preferably off of the cross town. Both adult things and family things very close :)
I live in the Tampa metro area and have been to RAYJAY countless times. Parking is good and like Lou said, stay near the airport maybe Rocky Point. Close to restaurants and the stadium is pretty close for an Uber ride.

Mr. Tibbs

southeast DuPage
those cowbells are annoying to the opposition - thats why they do it
Mississippi State passes a ton to their RB's - air raid!. Solid team - should be a great game. I really hope all Illini play but understand if a few don't. I do like this game is in Florida given our roster make up and future Illini.

See y'all in Tampa on the 2nd!
Wonderful - but I have family plans on the other side of the US. :(

If anyone wants beach - Clearwater Beach and Siesta Key (Sarasota) are fantastic. We make a trek 1 to 2x/yr during the winter season and love them both. The timing for me is just all wrong, unfortunately.

Island Tap House (paid parking here) on Siesta Key is a cozy little bar that is walkable to other bars and the beach.

CoCo's Crush is a laid back fun place on Clearwater Beach (one of many) that is right off the beach.
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Main reason I likely will not attend. Not paying all that money for a headache.
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You should read the Minnesota Gophers message board. A lot of complaining. However, the Pinstripes Bowl at 8-4 is a little meh but they should’ve beat us, Iowa or Purdue if they wanted to go to a better bowl game.
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If Case doesn’t play and Josh can’t go could we see Anderson get some opportunities. Would love to see everyone play , but probably not.


Montgomery County, Maryland
Well, bummed out that one minute after buying two tickets on the east side, Ticketmaster texts that Illini fans are on the west. Thanks for that!🙄. Anybody else in Section 138?
Bring ear plugs.
Moved to Columbia in early 2021 (was trapped in our LA house for 9 months and working remote anyway). LOVE LOVE LOVE it here and Spencer has been a joy to watch mature and those last two games will be talked about forever in this town.

So happy I get to enjoy SC on Friday and ILL on Monday…. Will be a fun new years weekend in Columbia

Edit: Living in a college town again is just the best, I so loved Champaign I stayed 6 years and even worked for McKinley for a year
Let's say Spencer is maturing. 😁 Not sure he was ready for failure at Oklahoma and I think his confidence was low at the beginning of the season. But I think he'll be off the charts good next year, especially if he can cut down on some of the head scratching decisions.

Not sure if you've seen the QB1 season be was in, but definitely had an ego and was immature in high school (I know, we probably all were). His talent has always been undeniable, just glad to see he's finally starting to put it all together.
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