Pregame: Illinois vs Mississippi State, Monday, January 2nd, 11:00am CT, ESPN2

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Was thinking similar but needs to be some (allowed) noisemaker other than cowbells.


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I have a December birthday. I told my wife Illinois will be playing in the Reliaquest Bowl in Tampa on January 2.

When I woke up from my Sunday nap, she told me she had booked a flight and bought tickets to the game, and then wished me a "Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas."

I think I might be one of the lucky ones.



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Based on how this board reacts to everything, we'll somehow get screwed by the refs and/or the announcers will be pro-Mississippi State.
I don’t think there’s a grand conspiracy against Illinois athletics but had 2-3 calls gone differently this year (TD called back against Indiana, 4 PIs on 1 drive against PU, and the pick-play no call against Michigan), we’re looking at a totally different season.

Change just one of those and we’re likely in the B1G championship.
i understand why kids sit out of bowl games, but it just kinda stinks to have all this hope as a fan to get to a bowl game and then for some to sit out. Again, I understand it, but kind of a bummer as a fan.

I have no info at all, just complaining on a Monday morning.
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