St. Louis Blues 22-23

Being a life long Blues fan ever since they were granted an expansion franchise back in 1967 , it seems odd to not read about playoff scenarios regarding the Blues this season.........I will follow the playoff's as a leisurely interested fan , with my main interest being who the Blues draft and what moves they make before the start of next season......

I would think that Doug Armstrong gets an A or even an A + for his moves at the trade deadline...............numerous draft picks and a plethora of prospects acquired facing a tight salary cap has amazed me.....I love the waiver pickup of Kapanen and the trade for Vrana and Blais that has sparked the team with an uptick in goals here at the end of the season........

Don't think I would classify this as a total rebuild , but with the defense and special teams needing major help, it's more than a reload , at least to me.........The Blues still have some contracts handcuffing Armstrong from doing even more ......The contracts with no trade clauses worries me , as does signing Leddy instead of Perron before this season even started.........

It would be awesome if the Blues overcame the lotto odds and got the # 1 pick , but I will not hold my breath.......Tonight is the final game to an otherwise lackluster season and I'm ready to see what the future brings.....JMHO
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Draft lottery tonight....

Maybe we move up in the lottery and then the Stars and Leafs get knocked out this round, so we get better draft picks there, too. Here's hoping!


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What a surprise a big city team got the #1 pick (Bedard). No way the NHL was going to let him go to Columbus.

I was surprised it was all chalk and in order until the last 3 picks

Blues have some options for this year and next year in Draft to move up/down. Have 3 First Rounders this season, no Second Round Pick and two Third Rounders. Next season have First Rounder, two Second and two Third Round picks. Will depend how the Blues view both Drafts but wouldn't mind if they would even trade down this year and pick up another First Round pick next season. At least have a number of options available...


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Blues with the # 10 pick.....Highest I can remember.............

Looks like then if Army keeps all 3 first rounders it will be # 10 , # 23 and # 24 based on how the playoffs stand right now.....Am I close ??
Round 1 - No. 10, No. 25, No. 29
Round 2 - None
Round 3 - No. 74, No. 76
Round 4 - No. 106
Round 5 - No. 138
Round 6 - No. 170
Round 7 - No. 202
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Plus Philly keeps half his salary. That is the biggest bonus of this. Hoping we can dump at least part of a few of these albatross contracts we've already got
Bigger deal was in works but Krug didn't want trade to Philly. Real nice pickup for a 6th rounder plus size that we need


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Bigger deal was in works but Krug didn't want trade to Philly. Real nice pickup for a 6th rounder plus size that we need
Yep, heard about that. Would've been nice, but maybe he is willing to go to another team 🤞

I feel like we would have to retain some of that contract.