Tim Anderson joins Illinois coaching staff

Antigua will be missed, but half the reason the “Chin is a good recruiter” narrative is out there is because it is perpetuated by Chin himself. And Gentry couldn’t recruit in the slightest bit.

Chester and TA will be STUD recruiters. GA has some great ties on the AAU circuit as well. So, this staff is undoubtedly my pick as far as the better recruiting staff.
I’m with you man! But slight nitpick. gentry was a big part of recruiting Goode iirc. Your point def still stands though!
If I learned anything this past week, it's wait until you see results before your celebrate. Sounds like this should be a good staff, but I'll wait and see
OA like Kofi don’t have equivalent replacements but like the replacement team. Still think we are in great hands with BU. Turnover is assured with success so prepare for tough off seasons in the future. Think we should thank them for their service rather then go apesxxt over them leaving. Leadership is still here.
Like the hire and do think it will pay off for the program, although I'm not hopeful it helps with Kofi. Think the same reasons Garcia chose UNC is why Kofi will choose UK...$$$
I don’t understand this take. Does he not blow your mind because you just aren’t familiar with him? Because I think anyone in the know would say this is an excellent hire as a third assistant. He’s been lauded on this very board going back years by people who were connected to the AAU scene
Consider the source..
Paducah, Ky

I want to thank Mr. Underwood for the opportunity to lead " ELITE " young men at this most ' ELITE " program and use my Ancient's given abilities to bring a NATTY to Illni Nation......

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Hey guys and gals.......We have had our eye on Mr. Anderson since his first Matrix movie came out, as a person who will stand up to overwhelming odds and persevere , with grace and aplomb.......Mr. Anderson , in my opinion , will do great things for the Illini program and we couldn't be happier with his addition to the staff....

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So let's give Mr. Anderson a great big rousing I-L-L welcome to the Illini Nation..............................

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Hello Mr. Anderson..............................I-N-I..............................................

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We are here to win B1G championship's and NATTY's.............
Yup insiders are always wrong


This is why we can't have nice things, we sh!t all over it and drive them away. Miss you 0440. Looking forward to what Coach can do though, excited for this development.
Considering there were many guesses on this position I can't see this as a correct "guess" by anyone.
The current staff as a whole could run laps around the previous staff from a recruiting standpoint. Anderson has some awesome connections that are going to pay off big time!
Well, he'll have to really work hard to beat the previous staff in Chicago. /s

Not counting Ayo, of course.
BU said that some of the people calling him about the AC job "would blow your mind." At various times, there was speculation that the hire would be someone with NBA staff experience, an assistant from an elite college program, or someone who has been talked about as a "top recruiter." CY Young, Huss, Mennenga, Pastrana are a few of the rumored names I recall. While I think that Tim will be fine, and might be excellent over time, let's not pretend that a guy with four years at Depaul as his only major CBB experience has a comparable resume and track record to some of the other guys that were mentioned for this position. A position to which, if you recall two months ago, our AD was allegedly willing to commit a seven-figure salary.

I wish Tim well. I think he will be good; probably a better recruiter than Gentry. He doesn't blow my mind. I hope he proves me wrong. Kentucky went home with the prom queen. We didn't.
OA is hard to top. I think our new AC's are better than Chin/Gentry however
Has connections to AAU circles… and player development is for guys headed to the draft… spoken highly off by many including isiah livers
Coached for Meanstreets AAU if I heard correctly and at Crane high school in Chicago... They are a top AAU program. Those connections would be very beneficial!
The OA talk is becoming nauseating, we where lucky to have him for as long as we did, but anybody who thought he was going to be long term were just kidding themselves. We have a great staff and a great team!
I wonder if coach Cal promised him to take over as head coach when and if he retires?