Tommy DeVito

Tommy DeVito benched. The death of the great Tom Smothers. Now this Shannon thing. What the hell kind of way is this to head into a New Year?

Life always hangs by a thin thread. Like the minute difference between a jump shot rolling tantalizingly around the rim and deciding if it’s going to roll off and laugh at us – or find its way into the twine and bring sweet joy to the soul.

The distance between feeling like heaven or hell is sometimes too small to ever be measured.
I have the chance to attend this game for a verified resale price that is lower than I’ve ever seen. 100-level seats between the 20s for under $100. That never happens at MetLife for a non-Jets event. Shows how much enthusiasm the tri-state has for this 5-10 team.

Was going to gear up in full Illini mode to watch Tommy and it would have been totally worth the $40 parking. Now I’m not so sure.