Tommy DeVito




Someone better post that in its entirety for those of us stuck at work

please and thank you season 4 GIF


Decatur, IL
Can we agree that comparing what Altmyer can provide for Illinois to what DeVito can provide to the Giants is fruitless?

This is like me going on the bball board and asking if people still think Podz isn't vastly superior than Dee Brown. It's not going to be a "collaborative" discussion.
Just wanted to see the responses. Yes, just as fruitless as the pages of this same conversation last year when we were getting Altmeyer. Half the board was debating if Altmeyer had a "higher ceiling". Doesn't matter, no one knows. Carry on....


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Great article from Robert

Great article from Robert

Great article.
Love it

Love it

Thanks for the compilation. What a treat it is to enjoy seeing him have this moment. Touchdown Tommy for the WIN!