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On the positive side of things...........

Georgia, Alabama, Washington, USC, Mississippi St, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama (again), Michigan St, Georgia (again), USC (again).

We're certainly drawing football talent (transfers) from the right schools.
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NW Suburbs
He gives BB an experienced special team player. Welcome to Illini Nation. Probably getting a Masters from UI won’t hurt.
Recruited by and visited Air Force out of high school. Bart Miller was on staff there at that time. Maybe some connection and familiarity?
They way I look at this is that Prather is a great locker room guy. He is the type of player you bring in to chance the culture. 4 year special teamer. Walked on and earned a scholarship. Pretty impressive kid. Will be a stud special teamer and provide depth at Safety. Not flashy by any means, but he is a leader and will make guys around him better.
I don’t think so. I think it’s good for us if Frost stays in the Big 10.
Ill just say he was recruiting better talent across the board than the majority of the B1G. Their current QB shredded us two years ago and if Frost would have played him against us this year, they would have put up a better fight. Not sure what is going wrong with him at Neb but I think he is a good coach. I hope he stays also, but stay inconsistent to keep them at bay.
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