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the ole ball coach
it was widely “reported / leaked that he could not get admitted . no one knows why . could be academics - likely is - not sure if it’s grades themselves or if classes/credits won’t transfer .
UI is not allowed to comment . it’s all speculation based on maybe truth or maybe bs
You’re talking about just corners with these four right? Safety’s are another issue.
We can blame that on the scheme and the lack of coaching from the previous regime. Adams, Smith, Beason and Witherspoon is a good start for the DB coach to work with.
I hope you're right because that was really bad technique!
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He cannot get in academically.

From what I hear I would not worry too much.

Is going juco for a semester to fix his academics before coming not a possibility?

I can definitely understand not wanting to do that, but if he was dead set on coming here and we were still happy to have him, would that be an option? Or is too far gone even from that?
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Coaching change and special transfer rules aside, recruiting just feels really different from before. There's an energy and intention behind it. Under Lovie, recruiting felt a little like an afterthought. Now, it feels like a major priority. It's refreshing.

Eternal offseason caveat: of course, we still need to see how it translates to wins and losses and performance on the field. But early signs are encouraging.
recruiting just feels really different from before.
Not to disagree exactly, but this offseason is like no other before or after.

Or maybe that even further emphasizes the point, how good it is that we've got a brand new staff flush with credibility attacking this offseason with the bit between their teeth.

Taking a bunch of transfers is always a bit of a mystery box on a number of levels, but it seems sensible for this unique offseason and we seem to be landing a collection of guys that make coherent sense.
Yes, something exciting is happening in Urbana-Champaign. Not ready for champagne just yet, but it's never too early for a toast in my book. Keep up the good work, Josh, Bret and staff. Welcome back, returnees, and a most welcome to transfers. PLEEZE be Fighting Illini! You can do it.
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