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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Western Illinois

    Ok Looked good but keep it up.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Western Illinois

    Hansen is one bright spot on this time.
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    Mike Dudek out for season

    At a time when there are so many negative stories in sports and ESPN suffering through a long list of problems, it is so refreshing to see great, make that outstanding personal stories about Mike Dudek and a tip of the cap from Scott Van Pelt. Both are class individuals.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (July-August 2016)

    About spit my coffee out this morning what a great comment! Sad but true. Lovie is a classy guy and I would hope kids with some class and same type of out look on life be it football, basketball, even just a student are drawn to him to be like him.
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    Where to park an RV overnight?

    One more suggestion is to camp at Rantoul, nice clean RV park, huge space, campfires ok also. Then drive in early to park at the game. Stayed there several times before games, got up early to avoid traffic and enjoyed the tailgating.
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    Wes Lunt transferring to Illinois

    Was lucky enough to watch Lunt play in High School several times and he was just amazing. The real deal type QB that we have not had for sometime. Would not hurt to have him help open the pipeline to Springfield/Rochester area too for players. Enjoy Illinois football this year and look forward...
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    Announcement- Live Chats will not be used this season

    Dan thanks again for all you do and as an Illini fan this board makes it so much fun to be involved with other fans.
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    NFL Offseason

    Big Jack in NFL Twitter from Jack Cornell... Unfortunately, I did not make the Ravens 53-man roster. The good news is I have a spot on their practice squad if I do not get picked up by someone else. The way this works is the Ravens put me on waivers and other teams will know I am a free agent...
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Josh Augusta is the real deal played against us past 2 years and would be a great recruit. Keep in mind 25 receptions in 5 conference games, in a run first conference is not as bad as you make it out to be. His defense and blocking stood out as exceptional, plus his size stood out too!
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    12/13 News & Notes - Ron Zook is at Illinois' practice

    AGREE, class act to support the people he recruited and wish them well. Plus the staff he hired is still mostly there and he supports them. People making too much about nothing with Zook present.
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    Thank You Ron Zook

    Thanks for allowing me to take my family to the Rose bowl, we will never forget it or Ron Zook! Thanks.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Quincy (Exhibition), Monday, November 7th, 7:30pm CT

    update Tyler Thompson, best player for QU has torn ACL. Weber to see more playing time.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Quincy (Exhibition), Monday, November 7th, 7:30pm CT

    Brock had 21 points and 14 rebounds as Quincy beat Drake today 84-74. Out rebounded Drake 42-28
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    Gus Johnson and CBS part ways

    Enjoy Gus is one of the best IMO, Bilas also. Doubt if Lavin is going to broadcast many games for awhile so will not include him in this. Gus is one of the few I tune into any game just to listen to him.
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    Illini to play at Western Michigan in 2016

    I would love to see the pictures Western Mich has of Guenther...they must be good/bad????