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    Illinois 37, Michigan State 34 POSTGAME

    I said it when we hired Lovie and now that we are winning I'll repeat it again. Best thing about Lovie is he will make your son a good player but also a better person. The team was happy about the win today, the biggest emotion they showed was for the coach. Parents of recruits take note that...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Wisconsin

    Not sure what to say, amazing and proud of this team. Go Lovie sorry I got run over by your bandwagon. I'll walk behind you and follow
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    Illinois 42, Akron 3 POSTGAME

    I think they said 4th longest winning streak for home openers. Still impressive.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Akron, Saturday, August 31st, 11:00am CT, BTN

    Thanks for posting this, good read for me down here in Florida.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Western Illinois

    Ok Looked good but keep it up.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Western Illinois

    Hansen is one bright spot on this time.
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    Mike Dudek out for season

    At a time when there are so many negative stories in sports and ESPN suffering through a long list of problems, it is so refreshing to see great, make that outstanding personal stories about Mike Dudek and a tip of the cap from Scott Van Pelt. Both are class individuals.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (July-August 2016)

    About spit my coffee out this morning what a great comment! Sad but true. Lovie is a classy guy and I would hope kids with some class and same type of out look on life be it football, basketball, even just a student are drawn to him to be like him.