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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    looks like Cincinnati
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    Illini Basketball 2021-2022

    According to this Arizona schedule we play them at home on December 11
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    Pregame: Illinois at Michigan, Tuesday, March 2nd, 6:00pm CT, ESPN

    Hope he saved some for tonight.
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    They just scheduled Nebraska for back to back days at Maryland next week. February 16 and 17. So they might make Michigan do it.
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    Bracketology (Week of Feb. 8th)

    This Saturday on cbssports tv the NCAA committee is releasing it first top 16 at noon.
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    Michigan Game Postponed

    Michigan last 4 games are at Ohio St, at Indiana, home to Iowa and at Michigan St.
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    Michigan Game Postponed

    Hoiberg said in a article on ESPN they are going to try and play all makeup games. He said 15 games in 32 or 33 days is what it would be for them.
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    They trying to move it so family’s of the teams can attend the games. In Chicago they will be no fans.
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    Illinois-Nebraska Game Postponed

    Looks like the game is canceled.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Missouri

    That game was suppose to start at 430 but the Dayton vs Miss. ST game went to 2 OT. Both games are in Atlanta.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Baylor, Wednesday, December 2nd, 9:00pm CT, ESPN

    Baylor's first 2 games. Louisiana 15-27 3pt 15 OREB Washington 13-29 3pt 21 OREB Need to stop 3pt shots and grab REBOUNDS to win this game.
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    11/29 Games

    Richmond has most of there starters back from last year. They were 24-7 and finished second in the A-10 to Dayton. They are the preseason favorite to win the A-10 this year.
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    Illini Basketball 2020-2021

    Looks like Dec 5th has a game vs TBA