3/25 Weekend Games

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Massoud was just about perfect from 3 point land last game. what happened to him this game?
I told my brother in law he had the game of his life which was huge in a close game vs msu, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t do much this game. After he hit his first shot, I said, he probably won’t hit another one all game. My brother in law had money on k state, so he was like “no way” but then he didn’t hit till his FTs with like 2 minutes left.

Big guy from FAU had his game of his life today. I’d be surprised if he was that impactful again. However, if they catch Creighton, he might be the one guy that can supply their dude some resistance.


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Kind of looks like UConn has the Zags number. So far at the half anyway.
FAU was very underseeded

11th in NET.
17th in Kenpom
9th seed


They are legit. They went 19-15 last year with their 3 main guys all true freshmen (Martin, Davis, Goldin). It’ll be sad if they all hit the portal and coach leaves. They got almost all their guys back next year
I'm not all that surprised by their run. While I didn't have them in the Final 4, I did have them making 2nd weekend. They're a really solid team and were ridiculously underseeded. Their non-conference wasn't even that horrible. Should have been a 6 seed at absolute absolute worst. Just bizarre how badly the selection committee underseeds good midmajor teams. When you lose 3 games all season with no bad losses and a winning record against Q1 opponents and you still get a 9 seed what more do you have to do? If they won those extra 3 games, what would they have been with the committee? A 7 seed, lol? *shaking head*
Not sure how I feel about seeing Gonzaga run off the court. On the one hand, never really liked them. But on the other, would love to see a good game.

Maybe in the minority, but I do like having a Van Gundy on the color


Herndon, VA
Obviously the Zags have UConn right where they want them!! /s
Is it just me, but it looks like the refs are hosing Gonzaga.
UConn is fun to watch. Thoroughly enjoying Gonzaga getting stomped. Not a fan of timme. Few acts entitled.
UConn pulling a 2018 Villanova. Destroying everyone. They have to be the overwhelming favorite
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