Houston, Texas
Sort of a weird parallel with Dollar Bill dying just as Toews and Kane were about to begin their careers and now Rocky passes right as Bedard joins the team.
yeah, I saw that. Almost like an invoice came due...
Built it from the ground up. When he took over, probably had 8K fans in the seats. He transformed it to sellouts for how many years?

Yes, he built it back up but only after some of his elders had driven the franchise deep into the ground. For a long time, not only did the Wirtz family not allow home TV of games... they did not even allow home RADIO of home games. They were worried it would ‘hurt attendance’ (that is, Money going into the Wirtz family).

In the late 1960s the Wirtz Ownership began to allow home-games radio but it was allowed to begin after WAITING ONE HOUR after the game started! (again, can’t risk maybe losing a dollar). Good Lord, what an operation.

Chicagoland has always loved the Game of Hockey. Even when attendance had slid down the Area still loved the Game and wanted to love the Team again. Chicago Hockey fans... like Bulls fans and White Sox fans... have loved their teams not because of Ownership but in spite of Ownership.

Blackhawks now again have what could be a generational player. There is reason for optimism. But Hawk fans better hope their optimism turns out better than how it has worked out for the optimism White Sox fans two years ago. A team that had big promise that has failed miserably.

Mr. Tibbs

southeast DuPage