Blues don't sell often so little new watching it unfold but all the pieces that were talked about are gone. Not sure if more moves will be made before the deadline but I look for them to move more this offseason if not.

I get the Kane thing kind of like Tarasenko. Tarasenko was traded early because they were afraid he might get hurt again and just walk away for free. Trade deadline being 3 days away with Kane holding out and only wanting to be on Rangers forced the hand. I think with those circumstances, Blackhawks rebuilding and Kane being 34 they made out pretty well. Definitely will be weird seeing Tarasenko and Kane together :ROFLMAO:

You aren't joking....Boston is scary!!! Not a Marchand fan so will hope for a team to get hot and knock them out

Joel Goodson

The Blues did really well by getting an early jump on the deadline deals. I get that Kane controlled the situation, but it's disappointing nonetheless to only get a 2nd and 4th for a player of Kane's stature, particularly compared to some of the other deals that have already happened this year (seriously Tampa, wut?)

Can't wait to watch the playoffs, particularly in the East. Boston is having an historic season, and yet other teams are trading multiple first- and second-round picks to go all in this year. It will be interesting to watch it all play out.

Ridiculously disappointing. But it is what it is.

Jumping on the Rags bandwagon, big time.