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Richmond, VA
Why/how is Barnes at Tenn doing better than he was able to at Texas? Or does it just seem that way (I haven't looked at any data comparisons)? Serious question though...
OMG I hope so. Not a fan of him with the Bulls.
Well as a college coach he won 71.5% of his games at Florida, 7 SEC Championships, made it at least to the Elite 8 7 times, at least to the Final 4 4 times, and 2 National Titles in 18 seasons. He took his team to the Elite 8 39% of the seasons he coached, and Florida wasn't exactly a basketball power before he showed up.

I would do backflips if Donovan was our coach. And by backflips, I mean jump up in the air, fall on my face, and pray I'm not paralyzed.
I am old enough to remember crazy environments for St. Johns games. I am not old enough to remember crazy environments for DePaul games. So that's something.

I'm so glad UConn is back in the Big East, it feels like nature is healing in that part of the hoops world. If only Syracuse would come to their senses.


Eugene, Oregon
I'll do it for a mere $1 million. I won multiple national titles in EA Sports NCAA Basketball. In fact, it really became so easy to win after a while that I became a multiyear national champion football coach as well.
Can you fake a southern accent, ala Brian Kelly?
Texas Longhorns Hoops GIF by Basketball Madness


Austin, TX
I think the question is how far Texas needs to go in order to take the decision out of the AD's hands.

I have them winning it all in my bracket so Go Rodney Terry!
Well they are my adopted team in my adopted home so I’ll be rooting as hard as anyone. Texas has a lot of pride but also a lot of arrogance. My guess is he’d need a final four.
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