Game Thread: Illinois vs Arkansas

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Montgomery, IL
At least with Arizona and Virginia losing, nobody will be talking about us.
These freshmen and sophomores are special. Next year will be better.
With 220 to go, I was screaming foul. 1 minute wasted and a turnover. Mind blowing
CH….just wish he could get that next mental gear. The crunch time not so kind to him.
Cohawk with 6 turnovers should be an indicator he should not be bringing the ball up for us. Once again, the Illini fall short, in the most frustrating season I can ever remember.


M tipping over
Once again, Hawk, you’re not a guard!!! That was a rally killer
Unfortunately, our only PG like player is still coming back from a concussion. Not many choices.
He had Shannon at full speed down the wing. That's a one possession game.
Go get us a real point guard. It’s too hard trying to use combo guards as point guards. Although we have won a lot doing it this way, I think we need a true distributor.
Not open for further replies.