Game Thread: Illinois vs Arkansas

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I guess a silver lining here is we get to avoid what would have been an inevitable 20+ point beating by Self this weekend.


Chicago, IL
Maybe next year we can be made for April instead of made for March.


Montgomery, IL
Oh well. We tried

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As someone who decided to make the drive to watch the game in person I can say this team….this year……is a mess. Glad the season is over. As with most loses this year it will be closer than the final score. They are really tough to watch and when they decide to play it’s “watchable”. I really hope RJ comes back because he was the only player with a will to win. Tough season but we are Illini forever!
Hoping RJ and Goode not in the portal next week. Only bright spots today. Frustrating end to a frustrating season.


M tipping over
Bring on next year I say.
I was unreasonably excited when we beat UCLA and Texas, but I think we took a lot for granted this year and where we should be. We have a great core and hopefully we’ll add some good complementary pieces in the off season.
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