Game Thread: Illinois vs Arkansas

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Back to the basics for Brad--recruit high character freshman who will stay 3+ years. If your success rests on 1 year transfers being your best players you're not winning anything. And if you're planning on internal players who have never been that guy to be that guy you're not winning anything.

On to next year.


Coleman has to spend significant time retraining his muscle memory with 3pt shooting. At this point, he head fakes involuntarily and it hurts him more often than not. Lots of shooting issues to correct with this team. Coaches and players have a lot of work to do.
Instead of taking a 2 point Bunny. You pass it to a man that shoots 20% from 3 point range. Unless he's playing division 2. Basketball iq? That just drives me nuts man you gotta know who your teammates are+


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I like most of these guys. I think TJ has real NBA potential. The heavy transfer with all freshmen strategy didn’t work this year
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