Illini Golfers in the Pros

as far as I can tell we've got 3 illini gracing the pro tours around the world.

Ol' man Stricker is in the field at The American Express and not fairing well. After a +3 1st round he is going to have to go super low today to make the cut. Guessing it will be around -3 or -4, so 66 is probably his target.

Then the Belgium boys are in action in the desert.

Detry was way off his game this week. At one point from the end of the 1st round through the start of the second round he had 3 doubles in 4 holes. That is quite rare for a pro. Even the rest of the holes but +6 puts him near the bottom of the field.

Pieters is faring a good bit better. Excellent 1st round with a 69 but took the foot off the gas a bit today with a 71 but current sitting tied for 18th. Gonna need a strong moving day round to get in the mix for the title, but we have somebody to follow on the weekend.