Illini Women's Basketball 2023

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Westville, Illinois
Wish what they would show the score on the screen
I just tried going to live stats but they are about a minute ahead of the stream.


Bit of foul trouble with Bostic and Peebles with 2 each and 3 on McKenzie.


South Carolina
Thinking we have a good shot to finish 12-6 in the conference, assuming we're at 10-6 after today's victory.

Ohio State and Michigan ahead of us, each with 5 losses. Their possible losses below:
- OSU plays @Michigan and at home vs Maryland
- Michigan plays OSU at home

However, I guess we'll lose all tie-breakers in BTT seeding. Counting on a 6 seed, perhaps?

The Galloping Ghost

Washington, DC
Well on our way to our first 20 win season in 15 years after 3 quarters.

My hot take is we would have beat Maryland if Gen was healthy. We desperately needed her ball handling in that third quarter when the Terps turned up the press and traps. Glad she appears completely healthy.

And love that the crowd won some tasty nuggets just now.
Is Camille Jackson an injury redshirt? She last played December 21. Has played in 8 games.
Kendall "The Boss" Bostic day today.
It should be free “Bosco” sticks (rather than mcnuggets) for Kendall “The Boss” Bostic
at the girls games.

Get on it Tyson Foods! We’re gonna need to make the bag orange from now on though. I’m sure they won’t mind.
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