Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Football recruiting is hard. There are a lot of good players in the 3 star ranks but there are a lot who don’t make it. This staff seems to be doing the leg work to identify players who will develop. It is very hard for a freshman to be ready to play day one from both the physical and mental aspects

Hopefully we will know soon what the coaching staff is doing for a future qb
So if we are offering an already committed player, there has to be some reciprocated interest right?

Like we’ve been talking to him and know he wants to dip out of his recruitment?

Or did we just offer hoping it would be enough to flip him because of our success so far this year?
I’m no recruiting expert — far from it — but I’d guess it means he listened to the initial pitch and didn’t shut things down right away. But I don’t think it necessarily means the player is looking to get out of his commitment. We just recently had a commit — JC OL I think — that tweeted out an offer from Neb the next day. Doesn’t mean he’s interested in flipping.

In the case of Simmons above, Werner has article about the offer (pay article though, and I don’t subscribe) and the corresponding tweet said he’s “intrigued by offer,” and hints that there might be an upcoming visit from him.

Blackstock's initial rating is a 4 star.
JUCO OL who visited recently with Schuster.
Chances are we probably won't land all of them, but between Blackstock, Hill, and Elzy we seem to have legitimate shots at 3 more 4 star '23 recruits.
We have heard nothing about Elzy and Hill's recruiting recently, except that Elzy withdrew his commitment from Cincinnati. Any later word on recruiting these three greatly needed gentlemen? When is the early signing day for football?


The Lunney extension should be a big help in recruiting.
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