Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2021)

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Someone is going to make a nice team out of transfers. There is a ton of talent out there. The key is to find kids who will fit the culture and role needed. I am glad we have a good core and are not trying to build a brand new team

At this rate Minnesota has not choice but to make next year's team out of transfers.
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Can attest to the fact that Belo is working hard on his 3 pt range right now, based on his Instagram account. He has one, it's just a matter of unlocking it at game speed. He is going to make a big leap next year.
You can tell by his free throw form he can shoot too. Just needs reps
It's pretty incredible how much of a factor the portal has become. Certainly makes it easier for non blue bloods to reload quicker, one would think. Provided the coach can land the right transfers of course.
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TC you keep giving us the transfer portal numbers but what about Illinois I haven’t seen any from our team? Has to be two or three I would think unless I missed it. Any idea on us TC?
No one has announced anything yet. There is long time until August. If it happens, it could be anytime between now and then. Obviously for us, the sooner we know the better. I’d guess the coaches will have a pretty good idea long before we know.
I know this is an unpopular opinion here, but my hope is that when it comes down to the last shot, our opponents won't know who is going to take that last shot.
To be fair, any team that has an NBA calibre player experiences this - especially one as clutch as Ayo.

Disclaimer: I agree with you
Great, but I thought we'll have signed Carr, Krutwig and Liddell by then. 🤷‍♂️
I hadn't previously prioritized the transfers I'd most want in Champaign but your list is pretty close to ideal.
* Carr - superior shooting guard
* Liddell - superior forward we lacked this year
* Krutwig - savvy, athletic center who can score, pass and even dribble the ball a little when needed
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