Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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I have committed several pages of reading in the recruiting thread on the rayj situation.

Guess what.. .I would have done it anyway. I just want a good pg next year. I don't really care about the roller coaster (as long as people are civil to the people giving the inside info)

What else am I going to do to distract me during the day... My job. Pass.
so, we're doing this again tomorrow?
I have strong reason to believe that yes we will be talking about the same ole stuff tomorrow but…..

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I may be in the minority, but I don't have much issue with RayJ doing what he's doing. Based on how the portal era basically has no rules or regulations and is pretty much a truly free market, the smart approach for him is to get the absolute most money for the best opportunity available. He's clearly keeping his true desire private and playing all sides against each other to get the most he can, and it's a savvy thing to do for the most part as the players have the power over the schools who are desperate to have him. I have a hard time seeing how this won't be somewhat the status quo for high end transfers until the rules change.

Overall hard to get upset with pretty much anyone on this aside for possibly Brad as the rosters he has been constructing recently are built on a strategy of winning whatever high end portal battle he wants to get into, and fact is, he's won a lot more than he has lost there it seems. So long and the short of it, we just need to sit back and see what happens. No need for animosity. Just welcome to the new age of college basketball. And for the record, I hate this new age, I really do.
what made no sense to me about RayJ going to Utah was, where are his parents?

If the rumors are true and we're offering significantly more money, I'm going to be pretty pissed that my son is taking less money to play on a worse team 20 hours away from home instead of 2. The NBA isn't a guarantee regardless where you play, but that money is real. Take it now and see what happens later.


Just wondering again. With all these NIL millions dispersed for portal stars, how do the guys in place already on teams feel? Where's mine? they gotta think. College basketball is a real joke - a real bad joke.
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Just so you know no one’s trying to be the first to drop a scoop or make 💩 just to be an insider. The 4 or 5 of us on here that do drip stuff just do it because we love the Illini and like letting Illini nation know what we know(for the most part). Idk why people are mad at us lol. Be mad at the staff for not locking this thing up a month ago
I'm not mad at anyone except the people giving him the bad advice. I'm sure the staff did all they could. Put this one on bad choices that hopefully lead to someone better for us. Thanks for your info.
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