Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Joel Goodson

This RayJ recruitment is hilarious. Guy better be really good for what he's putting all these schools through. No one has been told anything

yeah, at this point, I'm over it. there are other fish in the sea, and I'm pretty confident we'll land a PG in the same general ballpark as Dennis. and this motivation to be the guy (if true, and it sure sounds like it) is a big turnoff


Chicago Burbs
So… does this mean we still have skin in the game?


I forgot the last i in my username
Southern IL
I'm in Utah multiple times a year for the last 20 years. Never have smelled anything like that.
Taught in Sat Lake City for five years and lived there for six. Moved back to IL a few years ago.

Salt Lake City is the worst smelling place I’ve ever been to. It’s from the sulfur in the Great Salt Lake. Smells exactly like if someone lit a dumpster full of rotten eggs on fire. horrendous smell that you somewhat get used to but never leaves completely.
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