Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Has Illinois ever had a 1 year then NBA player? I won't say "one and done" because we have had a bunch of those if you know what im sayin

25 years at Purdue
18 NCAA berths
19-18 record in the tournament
5 Sweet Sixteen
2 Elite Eight
0 Final Fours

That isn't what I want for Illinois.
Hey, I hear ya. I wanted to take Brigitte Bardot to the school dance but she claimed to be busy that night. I ended up with Erlene Mahure. We could do a lot worse than Keady (and have frequently). We've never had a coach stay 25 years, like he did at Purdue, and I doubt that we ever will. Lou and Harry were the closest at 21 and 20 years respectively. Harry had a better winning percentage but a couple hundred fewer wins and was, unfortunately canned for cheating. Lou had about the same winning percentage but nearly a hundred fewer wins and, some would argue, was pushed out the door. Weber's winning percentage was equal to that of Combes but we sent him packing. Self, Kruger and Bartow might have had some potential, but they skipped town at their first opportunity. I'm not sure that we have, or could, do better than Keady. Are Knight and Izzo the only two coaches to win more B10 games than Keady? I'd love to do better than Keady, too. Just not sure that we can.
I know some of you ask for me for general recruiting updates so I figure I’ll post one in here … Feel free to look these guys up if you are curious about their offer list or who they are … If you’ve got anyone specific you want info on … Just holler …

Cam Scott … Texas

Flory Bidunga … Duke

Sir Mohammed … Norte Dame

Dylan Harper … Rutgers

Aiden Sherrell … Bama

Peyton Marshall … Mizzou

Jaiden Glover … St. John’s

Tre Johnson … Baylor

Karter Knox … Kentucky

Liam McNeeley … Texas

Ian Jackson … Flip to St. John’s likely …

Derik Queen … Maryland

Zoom Diallo … Gonzaga as of right now …

College Basketball No GIF by NCAA March Madness

Sad story. Not sure why this seems to be happening more for basketball players.
It's incredibly sad but I think the answer is fairly obvious.

We're still living with Covid which is why we're seeing a bunch of bands cancel shows due to sickness in the middle of summer and a bunch of young athletes having cardiovascular issues(not saying those didn't exist but they're becoming increasingly prevalent).


Boswell and playing time at UofA still potentially a portal kid?
pssst Jeremiah, it's August.

You don't need to tell us you're committing in 5 months.
Lol... If I didn't know he's a top end prospect, that's gotta be the most unintentionally desperate sounding tweet I've heard. "Sup everyone, just wanted to let you all know that even though prom is 5 months away, I am fully committed to going, and I am 100% available right now. I know none of you have come up to me yet, so I just wanted to assure you all that I'm not tied down at all, just completely single. So anybody who wants to go to prom, just know I'm very free. So yeah, hit me up."
is Fears landing at our beloved possible? I mean why wouldnt he go play with his brother? If stories are right his brother wanted to commit her but we didn’t want him. Top 40 recruit right
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