Loyola Chicago 71, Illinois 58 Postgame

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Haven't seen it, but bet Underwood takes all the blame for losing. His high character will come out. "Gotta put our guys in a better position to succeed". "Hats off to Loyola". "They are elite at: ___ and ___." There really isn't much more to say.
Glad he's owning it because that one is on him. Love BU, but the D and O schemes were just head scratching. And if your team is not engaged - full court press and/or sit them down and get people in who are hungry.
He's done. Kofi is more likely
Kofi back next year would be a dream and give me Hope that we could be a replay Virginia in 2019.

We have great guard players coming back no matter what....pros to Adam today...he kept us reasonably close down stretch.
So many good memories at least this season. Just in shock as I thought this team was ready for any challenge
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Kofi back next year would be a dream and give me Hope that we could be a replay Virginia in 2019.

We have great guard players coming back no matter what....pros to Adam today...he kept us reasonably close down stretch.
If Kofi does come back I would like to see him get a better touch around the rim, better passing and better footwork. I love the dunks but making quicker decisions and being in better position to score will help so much.
I know we were a #1 seed, but it doesn't feel to me like a giant disappointment. Mainly because Loyola is really good and was way better than us today. Losing to Michigan in 89, North Carolina in 05, Arizona in 01 were far worse heartbreakers for me. Probably because I felt those teams were better than this one. I just felt like this team could lose given all the stretches of poor play we had this year, so when we finally did I'm not that surprised. And not being surprised means I'm not that shockingly disappointed.
Washington State
I feel really sad and depressed after this game. New fan and hence still adjusting to experiencing heartbreaks. Anyone knows how to mentally bounce back from this ?

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Never played at this level as a player, but as a fan, this seems to help:
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I think that Ayo's injury/mask impacted him more than he let on. He seemed to lose his dribble frequently and wasn't as aggressive going to the basket. All-time great Illini for sure, clearly wasn't at 100% later in the season
I agree that he didn't seem to be the same player after getting the mask. Not making excuses, Loyola handled us today. Gotta give them credit for playing a great game. Being a long-time Illini, I am handling this disappointment OK although I was hoping for at least a Final Four run. One great thing about sports is that we'll do it all again in a few months (and there's football in between). Thanks to our guys for the excellent season they put together. Looking forward to the future.
It looked like Kofi was being mugged early in the game. Ayo didn’t adjust to the double team.
They ran the same play over and over, same as Ohio St. Post with the ball at high elbow, run guard off down screens from the wing and wrap around the post for the hand off. We trail behind the guard and never, ever can stop it. Simple switch from one of the screen defenders the cut off the curl/hand off would have been nice to see. Can't believe we decided to die with our principles when they have clearly found the flaw and repeatedly exploit it.

You can say effort or whatever, but the plan meant they were dead in the water. Everytime they slapped the floor today I felt awful because Loyola could run the same set and no matter how much we "effort", we were toast.
Hats off to Loyola. They had an incredible game plan and stuck to it for the full 40. They outplayed, out-executed, and outhustled us from start to finish. They are a good, experienced team who no doubt had the added motivation of wanting to knock out the flagship state school on the biggest stage of them all.

It hurts, but it is what it is. Nothing we can do but learn from this and hopefully we'll be better next year for it.
Very good synopsis Miles. Just the way I thought it would happen. Having seen the Ramblers and Krutwig play many times, it was no surprise. Playing good basketball, with great planning, wonderful execution, and confidence, the Ramblers schooled both the team and the staff on what level they must work in the big Dance. Underwood seemed to think that the athletic advantage along with the recent defensive level of play, would be enough. It wasn't. Loyola's game plan was well thought out and executed. The Ramblers negated the athletic advantage by playing their game flawlessly while outperforming the Illini with sound defensive effort and strategy. We have seen it a million times....it works.

Hats off to the MVC champs who showed the U. S. Hoops Nation how to play the game...leaving no doubt they were far underrated and underestimated....at least by the Illini.

Sad finish to an outstanding season for the Illini. Bad time to take a step back after such amazing growth over the last two months. Much love, respect, and thanks to departing players who I have enjoyed watching grow over their careers and giving so much to bring back respect for Illinois basketball. Hope we see that growth and success continue in their future and in the future of the Illini basketball program. A special thanks to Ayo Dosunmu for an elite contribution and effort in bringing the program back to respectful and successful. To Damonte Williams and Trent Frazier, much respect and appreciation for allowing us to watch their growth and effort the past four years....and if either return, it can't be anything but good. I sincerely, and unselfishly think it best for Kofi to return, but his handlers will not agree. And to the rest of the team...there is business to tend to and growth to accomplish at a very important part of their lives that they will cherish as long as they live.
The CBS camera kept showing Grandison on the bench in the second half clutching a towel.
Why in the world was Grandison on the bench?
Our big problem wasn't defense, although it was sub-par.
Our problem was lack of offense.
Putting DMW in for Grandison was futile because he air-balled his only shot.
Grandison never took a shot when he was it. When he does shoot, he is accurate.
I don't know who you've been watching, but the team I've been following won 14 of its last 15 games, playing in a conference that this season was historically tough by D-1 standards. 🤷‍♂️
This is also a team that had to go to overtime to beat Nebraska and Indiana, lost at home to Maryland, and barely beat Ohio University, again at home. Not to mention losing almost wire to wire to Michigan State. No real run from Illinois in that game either. Also, think about the Northwestern game on the road where they were throughly outplayed for one half but a bad Northwestern team, only to have a second half for the ages. I said it before - this team had a tendency to play down to its competition, other than, for some reason, Minnesota, which Illinois thoroughly dominated.
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