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MINNEAPOLIS — You may have seen it on social media Saturday afternoon. The Blues leaving their hotel in sub-zero temperatures and walking over to board the team bus ... in beachwear!
There was Ryan O’Reilly and Marco Scandella with open shirts — bare-chested. Scandella was carrying a cooler. David Perron, in T-shirts and shorts, had a beach towel draped over his shoulder. But the prize may go to Jake Walman. He had a winter scarf wrapped around his neck but was shirtless and in sandals.
Your St. Louis Blues. A couple of hours later, they took part in the coldest game played in NHL history. It was 10 degrees below in the third period of their 6-4 victory over the Minnesota Wild.

And yet they mocked the cold on the way to work.
“We knew it was a bold move,” goalie Jordan Binnington said. “We kinda went all in and we had fun with it. We just figured when we were 50 years old looking back, are you gonna want to be getting off the bus in a suit? Or something funny like that?

“And we can laugh about it and have some good pictures to look at. I think O’Ry kind of came up with it if I remember correctly.”
Jordan Kyrou, who shared the postgame podium with Binnington, interjected: “I think it might have been Buchy and Vladi, no?”

In the buildup to the Winter Classic, Berube wanted the players to enjoy their time in the Twin Cities with their families, who were flown here on a charter from St. Louis at the Blues’ expense. The only caveat: Be focused for Friday’s practice and Saturday’s game.


Classy move by a first class Blues organization................................


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Benjamin Hochman
MINNEAPOLIS — The twins in Minnesota each wore an inflatable ski bib, a heated jacket, three pairs of pants and three undershirts beneath a Blues jersey.
“Negative 8, last I looked,” said Danni Glixman of South City, holding a cold beer beside her sister, Cassi. “We’re all a little bit crazy.”
They came to Target Field because this wasn’t simply a game; it was an event. The Winter Classic. The biggest regular-season stage in the National Hockey League.
And they witnessed the greatest performance this showcase has ever had.

“He gets the puck,” Danni said after the game, “and you’re out of your seat 100% of the time.”
Jordan Kyrou kept them warm, as they kept rising and sitting and rising again. He also provided warmth for the Minnesota fans … since thousands of them headed home after the second period.

By then, the Blues led, 6-2, and Kyrou had two goals and two assists.

And when it was over Saturday — 6-4, St. Louis — Kyrou’s four overall points were the most, ever, by a player in an outdoor NHL game. It was, of course, Kyrou’ first outdoor NHL game.


Jordan Kyrou is excitement on the ice.....Kid is a star, elusive and smart.............................


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Something strange and wonderful is happening to the Blues’ roster.
Unless, of course, you happen to be James Neal — who was placed on waivers Sunday. Or one of the three players sent back Sunday to the Springfield Thunderbirds: goalie Charlie Lindgren, forward Alexei Toropchenko and defenseman Calle Rosen.
But five injured players returned to the lineup Thursday, against Edmonton. Four more returned from either injury, COVID, or non-COVID illness in Saturday’s Winter Classic contest against Minnesota.

That’s nine players, more than one-third of the active roster, returning over three days. Many of those nine are skilled forwards. And skill never is a bad thing.
So moves had to be made. And those taking place Sunday left the Blues with 21 players on their active roster — or two under the maximum — with 12 forwards, seven defensemen and two goalies.

The Blues still have two players on the COVID list, defenseman Robert Bortuzzo and forward Dakota Joshua. Brayden Schenn (upper- body) remains on injured reserve. And Nathan Walker is on the taxi squad.

Bortuzzo and Joshua could come off the COVID list as early as Monday, and Schenn’s removal from IR is imminent. Schenn, in fact, came close to playing in Saturday’s 6-4 win over the Wild at Target Field in Minneapolis.

But Schenn and Bortuzzo probably will go to the active roster this week, and Joshua either goes to the taxi squad or back to Springfield.
And when that happens — brace yourselves — the Blues will have their full roster available for the first time this season. Repeating: For the first time this season.

wow..................bold type above excites me.................


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The Blues’ roster on Monday entered what the team has to be hoping is the dawn of an extended period of stability, a time at last removed from the constant ups and downs and ins and outs that have prevailed in the first three-fifths of the season, when sickness and injury ruled the day.
And that stability will include forward Logan Brown.
After Saturday, with the return of Brayden Schenn being imminent, the Blues were going to have one forward too many on their roster and the players who most clearly were candidates for being sent out were Brown and James Neal. But the team put Neal on waivers on Sunday, which he since has cleared. So when Schenn was taken off injured reserve on Monday, paving the way for him to be back in the lineup on Wednesday when the Blues play at Pittsburgh, Brown stayed put.


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PITTSBURGH — On the ice in practice on Tuesday, the Blues had an abundance of riches when it came to forwards, or at the least, the number of riches they hoped to someday have if everything worked out right.
Brayden Schenn, having emerged Monday from his second lengthy injury-related absence, was back in the lineup, giving the team every forward it had at its disposal.
“Things are trending in the right way,” defenseman Colton Parayko said. “So kind of a little late Christmas gift, I guess, for us.”


All of the analyst's at the winter Classic said the Blues are a serious contender for the Stanley Cup this year......Music to my ears..........................

Game tonight @ Penguins @ 6:30 pm ...................TNT network game..............


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PITTSBURGH — Back in the safety of an enclosed building after their foray into the great sub-zero outdoors in Minnesota on Saturday, the Blues went home seeing red.
Coach Craig Berube disagreed strongly with a couple of calls, Vladimir Tarasenko got a 10-minute misconduct for unsportsmanlike conduct and both Ryan O’Reilly and Brayden Schenn vehemently protested calls to the refs. None of it, of course, worked, and the Blues saw a game that they almost won despite not playing their best turn into a 5-3 loss to the Penguins at PPG Arena.


A lot of good quotes later in the article.......The Blues only skated good in the second period and many took ownership of that...........Tarasenko getting a 10 minute misconduct penalty say's a lot about the way the game was officiated......

Next game is home Friday 01/07/22 against the Washington Capitals @ 7 pm CT on good to hear John Kelly and Darren Pang again....

Lets Go Blues


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Husso turned away nearly everything the Washington Capitals threw at him in a frenetic first period, and then the Blues’ offense got going in a 5-1 victory before another sellout crowd of 18,096.

“He helped us hang in there early for sure,” coach Craig Berube said. “They came at us pretty quick. We were a little on our heels for 10 minutes there. It gives the team a good boost for sure.”


Grteat game by the Blues...........their checking in the neutral zone and aggressive puck advancement in the Capitals end kept the pressure on and resulted in some very nice goals...............Husso was acrobatic and stopped shots that i thought were going end with a flair about him.....says a lot that he's the backup and Charlie lindgren is back in the AHL even thought Lindgren won his first 5 starts as the Blues goalie....

Lets Go Blues


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When, where: 1 p.m. Sunday, Enterprise Center

TV, radio: BSM, WXOS (101.1 FM)

Jim Thomas
For the most part, the Blues were a mediocre hockey team last season, and their home record showed it: 12-11-5 is about as lukewarm as it gets.
“Obviously last year wasn’t exactly where we needed to be at home,” defenseman Torey Krug said. “Our play wasn’t strong; it was an easy building to play in. ... So at the beginning of the year that was a goal of ours — to come in here and make it a hard place to play, and we’ve accomplished that so far.”
Yes, they have.

good read


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End of second period Stars lead 1-0.........

Blues with only 14 shots on goal , 10 in the 1st period ....only 4 in the second........

Blues are just a 1/2 a stride behind the Stars the whole game.......

Jamie Benn of the Stars is a dirty player...showed him slashinh Klim Kostin of the Blues as both of them went to the bench at the end of a shift.....

Lets Go Blues


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BLUES WIN 2-1.......

WHAT A GREAT GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blues were down 1-0 with 46 seconds to go when Ryan O'Reilly scores a power play goal....on the play the Stars were also called on a delayed penalty for slashing.....Jordan Kyrou scores the game winner only 18 seconds later on the power play..........

WHAT A GAME AND THAT'S A WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blues next game is at home Thursday 01/13/22 against the Seattle Kracken @ 7 pm CT

Lets Go Blues
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Call it mayhem, call it chaos, call it puck luck, fortitude, or resilience, but whatever it was, it worked out for the Blues on Sunday afternoon, as they went from down a goal with 47 seconds to play to up a goal with 28 seconds to play, an unprecedented reversal of fortune for the team in a 2-1 win over the Dallas Stars.

In those 19 seconds came two goals, a penalty that was called, another penalty that could have been called but wasn’t (much to Dallas’ chagrin), and for the first time in franchise history, the Blues won a game in regulation after trailing it in the final minute of regulation. Hockey happens.


That was one stunning reversal of fortune for my St. Louis Blues hockey team and it happened so fast that it took time to sink in to what had happened.....Outplayed for almost the whole game , looking a step slower than the bruising , and dirty playing Stars , and wham !!.....

Now , the Stars think they got robbed and maybe they did , referencing the broken stick pass by Kyrou that led to O'Reilly's goal....And the delayed penalty call for slashing on them that led to a game winning power play goal by Kyrou , but it was delicious to me to get the win....................

Lets Go Blues


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Jim Thomas
Add David Perron to the Blues’ COVID list.
The veteran forward became the sixth Blues player currently in COVID protocol, and the 20th Blue on the list this season.
He joins Brayden Schenn and Colton Parayko — both added Monday — and Vladimir Tarasenko, Jake Walman and Scott Perunovich, who were placed on the list last week.

Under the new five-day quarantine rules, it’s possible that Tarasenko, Walman and Perunovich will test out of protocol in time for Thursday’s home game against the Seattle Kraken. If not, the Blues will have to scramble to come up with a full game-day roster for that contest.


I'm so tired of this covid virus..........When will we get back to the normal life where we only worry about injuries to our favorite teams.....Probably never , at least in my lifetime..........

Lets Go Blues


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Two days and multiple COVID cases later, the Blues were back on the ice Wednesday at Enterprise Center, with another new look forced on them by forces of nature.
Vladimir Tarasenko and Scott Perunovich, who have passed the five-day mark for the league’s COVID protocol and can come back if they have negative tests, were not on the ice. Jake Walman, in the same group as those two, was on the ice but it isn’t definite that he’s ready to play.

Hurts not having Vladi and Scottie back......