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    Bobby Roundtree suffers severe spinal injury

    I've been on that very spot. Depending on the tides, the water is waist deep to dry enough to put up a volleyball net and play a game. Its a very popular spot for the locals.
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    Transfers Thread

    Alex Hornibrook has entered the transfer portal. Coan played well at the end of the season, but supposedly the 5-star recruit Mertz is the real deal.
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    Old Timers Thread

    I was in the Second Chance one Friday evening in 1972 partying with some players from USC. They beat Illinois the next day 55-20.
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    Old Timers Thread

    Anyone remember the (original) Thunderbird?
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    Old Timers Thread

    My first game was 1961, Illinois hosting Washington. It was Pete Elliot's second year as HC, and the team went 0-9. But, I was hooked. A couple years later I as at the Illinois/Northwestern game, that Illinois won 10-9. That was the year they went to the Rose Bowl. The next year (1964) they...
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    Looking ahead to 2019

    Thank $DEITY
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    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    According to footballscoops, Vic Keonning is following Neal Brown to West Virginia.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Saturday, October 20th, 11:00am CT, FS1

    Yes, that was the "Rocky Harvey Goes Crazy" game.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Saturday, October 20th, 11:00am CT, FS1

    I was at that game, and it was freaking awesome to hear the Big House go completely silent except for the handful of Illinois fans going crazy.
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    UI prof arrested for SFC incident

    He's been put on paid leave. That's something, at least.
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    Illinois Coaching Staff Search

    Sumlin to Arizona
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    Illinois Coaching Staff Search

    Yeah. Supposedly he and Orgeron disagreed on how the LSU offense should be run. Given the history of both coaches, I'm going to side with Canada. I would not mind seeing him come to Illinois.
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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    Coaching Carousel

    I think it is personal, too. He apparently has been through a messy divorce and has a sick kid. Time for a change of scenery.