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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

    Goode is exactly the type of player the rest of the B1G is going to the the next few years and I am here for it
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    3/22 Games

    I honestly cannot believe how hard I will be rooting for Iowa from here on out.
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    Thank You

    Not going to lie, it hurts more today than it did yesterday. And if it hurts this bad for me, I can only imagine what the players on this team are feeling, especially those that won't be returning. This year has been flat out awful for a lot of us (outside of sports). It has been filled with...
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    NCAA Tournament

    I am just happy we are now arguing with each other over whether or not it's even possible for certain teams to beat us. I'm used to the arguments being whether we were a recruit's 2nd or 3rd choice.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Ohio State, Sunday, March 14th, 2:30pm CT, CBS

    I was actually happy with daylight savings for once today. We are one hour closer than we would've been otherwise!
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    AD Josh Whitman open letter on the Big Ten regular season title

    This is an absolutely horrific article. Of course the extreme Michigan bias is an immediate turnoff (but can't blame him since I have extreme Illinois bias). But he's a little too happy to use all caps when it's not needed. Using 'beyond pathetic' twice in a short article shows that his...
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    3/1 Games

    I have watched maybe 4 or 5 Rutgers games this year, including ours. What happened to them? I was convinced they’d be ranked the rest of the year. Would’ve put them above Indiana, Maryland, Purdue, and maybe Wisconsin (who knows what to think of them), and now they are on pace to lose by 30+...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Missouri

    I like how they compare Curbelo to the #2 player of all time in FT % and he proceeds to miss a FT.
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    No fans at NCAA Tournament, B1G Tournament

    I am going to preface this with, I think this is the right call. I live within walking distance to Amalie Arena. I was so excited to cross off a bucket list item and see a couple March Madness games. I was absolutely giddy with the thought of them placing the Illini in Tampa. I'm really...
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    2/26 Games

    Jalen Smith with 3 fouls in the first half. This is by no means over, but Maryland is in trouble right now.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Northwestern, Saturday, January 18th, 4:00pm CT, BTN

    Will the students be back for this game?
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

    The first ten minutes was a lot of fun. The 2nd ten minutes was the worst stretch I can ever remember.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

    Man, I hate to pile on, but Lucas has been awful today. I didn't expect a 15 point lead to last, but it's evaporating a lot quicker than I was thinking it would.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

    That was a smart play by Leron to let the loose ball cross the half court line before grabbing it.